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Santa’s Tip #6, “Sing at the top of your Lungs”

23 Nov

Day 6 in “Santa’s 12 Tips for Celebrating an Ideal Christmas” is, “Sing Holiday Songs” (see image below for a visual on this tip). This whimsical sculpture features Santa, head thrown back, warbling a favorite Christmas carol. 

This series is about “ideally living” during the holidays. Nostalgia is an element of ideally living. Regardless of whether your childhood was a happy one, there were those moments of excited anticipation as you counted down the days until Santa’s arrival. You can recapture some of those sweet memories by singing familiar favorites like “Jingle Bells” or “Joy to the World”. Go ahead, lose the grown up in you, with all those pesky responsibilities, throw your head back, and with all that childhood gusto, sing “Oh Christmas Tree” at the top of your lungs. (It will make you feel much better about the season.) Go to http://tinyurl.com/ydjde88 to see more of Santa’s 12 tips for an Ideal Christmas.


Santa’s Tip#5- Enjoy Others’ Traditions

19 Nov

Day 5 in “Santa’s 12 Tips for Celebrating an Ideal Christmas” series is, “Enjoy Others’ Traditions”. We manage to get fairly narcissistic in this country about our holidays, particularly as it relates to Christmas. December is host to other holidays, including Chanukah, Kwanza and even Boxing Day. A little participation and recognition of someone else’s tradition will go a long way toward making this an ideal holiday for you. Be like Santa in the image below as he lights a menorah in observance of Chanukah. Very enriching! Go to http://tinyurl.com/ydjde88 to see Santa’s other tips for an ideal Christmas.

Do Traditional Things

16 Nov

 Day three in our “Santa’s 12 Tips for Celebrating an Ideal Christmas” series is called “Do Traditional Things”. This whimsical art piece (picture below) features Santa Claus trimming a Christmas tree. Santa’s tip- Trim a real tree this year, not an artificial one.Don’t you love the smell and look of a slightly asymmetrical Christmas tree? In our 12 day pursuit of creating an “ideal” Christmas this year, number 3 is really about making your holiday an authentic one. Check out the sculpture and Christmas cards at http://tinyurl.com/ydjde88 

Hang Out With Friends

15 Nov

 This is day two of “Santa’s 12 Tips for Celebrating an Ideal Christmas.” These are a series of clay sculptures I created which have been made into Christmas cards. To see them, go tohttp://tinyurl.com/ydjde88.

Today’s tip is “Hang Out with Friends”. The sculpture features Santa, arm in arm with his pal, Frosty the Snowman. The holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often fraught with frenzy. Try to set aside at least a little time to just hang out with your pals. hang out with friends

I Hate My Purse

25 Aug

I created a clay sculpture entitled “I Hate My Purse” for a Power of the Purse silent auction event to benefit women and children’s issues. The piece was inspired by a chapter (titled “I hate My Purse”) in Nora Ephron’s “I Feel Bad about my Neck and other Thoughts on Being a Woman.”

I was reading this chapter aloud to my husband, while we were on an airplane. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. I could barely speak the words. Every woman I know could relate to these words: (the following is an excerpt)

“Here is what happens with your purse. You start small. You start pledging yourself to neatness. You start with the things you absolutely need…but within seconds your purse has accumulated the debris of a lifetime. The cosmetics have fallen out of the shiny cosmetics bag (okay, you forgot to zip it up), the coins have fallen out of your wallet (okay you have forgotten to fasten the coin compartment), the credit cards are somewhere in the abyss (okay you forgot to put your VISA back in your wallet after you bought the sunblock that is now oozing into the lining..”

I created my “I Hate My Purse” piece to illustrate the kind of “purse chaos” described by Nora Ephron in her hysterically funny essay. Here is an outside and inside photo of it.Outside of "I hate my purse" pieceInterior of "I hate My Purse"