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New Year’s Resolutions #6- Try Taking Mini-Adventures

22 Jan

 This is post #6 of Be Brave. Lose the Beige’s 10 days of New Years Resolutions.

Adventures dont always have to be big and bold. Who said the definition of adventure is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or back packing through Europe? Adventures come in many sizes and forms and help us feel young all over again. As we age into our 50s, 60s and 70s, lets take a sip or two from the Fountain of Youth, at least on occasion.

The other night my husband and I hopped on our bikes and rode to the grocery store. The night was beautiful, the air cool, and the stars luminous. We did not exactly look hip and cool bundled up and helmeted with our flashing bike lights. We did, however, feel exhilarated in the cold air and just a little daring venturing out late on a school” night.

Friends later chided us saying, Why didnt you just take the car? That would have been easier and safer!” Convenience was not the point I responded. Dont you remember that feeling of freedom you experienced as a kid when you jumped on your only means of transportation- your bicycle- managing to escape from parental oversight and control? I harken back to that time and feeling often when I ride my bicycle.

So, go ahead, dip your toe into that Fountain of Youth a few times in the coming year. Try something even just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Maybe learning to do something you have never done before, such as snow skiing. Even if you dont ever leave the Bunny Slope, you will be thrilled and proud of your adventurous self.

New Year’s Resolution- Park It; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!

14 Jan

Post 10 of Be Brave. Lose the Beige’s 12 days of New Years Resolutions is Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!

The past couple of years have seen an emerging emphasis on buying and being “green”. While we do our part to recycle and conserve energy we either don’t really know what else to do for the effort or we think it all sounds a bit PCG (politically correct to be green). I have a proposal for the new year- Park it, pedal it, preserve it, at least on the occasional weekend. 

  You drive to work all week. Driving is boring and fraught with hassles. Why not leave the car in the garage and ride your bike wherever you need to go. Put saddlebags on your bike and only buy as many groceries as will fit into your bag..biking makes everyday chores more fun. Take a ride on a bike trail. You get the triple benefit of exercise, being outdoors, and actually getting to a destination. Bike riding is one of my favorite activities. I feel youthful and free like I did when I was a kid and my ticket to freedom was my bicycle. It’s a fun way to help protect the planet. 

Post 11 of Be Brave. Lose the Beiges 12 days of New Years Resolutions is “Throw Yourself a Tea Party”.

The white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland kept muttering…Im late, Im late for a very important date And I say, yes you are! That very important date is with yourself, at least once in a while. Its a great idea to take a break from stress and schedules and invite yourself out to a virtual tea party. If you dont want to actually host a tea party for your self complete with mismatched cups and saucers, tea sandwiches, and one rather toothy cat, why not envision some other kind of afternoon or evening date with yourself. It can be in whatever form you choose – a walk in the park, a shopping expedition, a spa treatment, a museum outing, a movie, rifling through an antique shop – whatever the activity, it should be one of your favorites and it should be done alone. Its amazing how little time we spend with ourselves and how rejuvenating it can be. Pamper your passions. This is your opportunity to be just a little bit selfish.


Resolve to Be It Resolved

14 Jan

I’ve been posting New Year’s resolutions blogs this month.  These posts have urged Lady Boomers to exercise their creative muscles, to infuse their lives with more color and fun, and even examine their purses for excess baggage they might be carrying around.

I obviously believe in resolutions.  Resolutions, New Years or otherwise, represent a commitment to yourself; a way of honoring yourself and your dreams.  That is why I read with interest an article in last Sunday’s New York Times entitled, Be It Resolved.  Author John Tierney made the following assertions about New Year’s resolutions in this article:

-Whatever you hope for this year, you are more likely to make improvements than someone who hasn’t made a formal resolution.  You are 10 times more likely to change by making a New Year’s resolution compared to non-resolvers with identical goals.

-If you make it through January, you have a good chance of lasting much longer.

He goes on to say most people are not going to keep their resolutions all year long.  They start out with the best of intentions, but by the end of January, a third will have broken their resolutions; by July, more than half will have lapsed.  (Pretty pessimistic stuff, huh?).  One of the secrets for keeping one’s resolve is establishing strategies for keeping them.  (maybe the word “secret” is at the heart of our failures to keep our resolves.  How can anyone be expected to follow through if it’s a well kept secret?)

Here are a few of their strategies:


1.  Set a single clear goal, like “I will lose a pound a week” rather than “I want to lose weight”.

2.  Make a formal contract with a friend on social media sites or on stick.k.com.  You can name a referee, enter a contest, institute a pre-paid penalty.

3.  Keep track- self monitoring is vital.

4.  Don’t panic over a relapse.

5.  Reward yourself often.  If your waistline shrinks, buy clothes.

Every little bit helps…



New Year’s Resolution #5- Lady Boomers- Evaluate Your Empty Nest

10 Jan

This is post five of Be Brave. Lose the Beige’s 12 days of New Year’s Resolutions. This resolution is directed at Lady Boomers and their empty nests.

Ah, the empty nest, a syndrome that simultaneously fills us with dread and delight. The prospect of our children leaving home potentially evokes a multitude of anxieties. (Often this anticipatory anxiety is for naught when our children ricochet back to their rooms when life out of the nest, with it’s pesky responsibilities, thwarts their efforts at independence).

“What’s in Your Empty Nest?” is a question we should ask ourselves as we rebuild our nests and make room for our own dreams. Of course there will still be some “room” (although perhaps a shared one alongside your guitar, art supplies and exercise equipment) for the kids to come home on the weekends. I am here to testify, it is possible to create a fun, interesting life after the nest empties, fills back up, and empties out again. So, Lady Boomers, what’s in or out of your empty nest? Here are a few possibilities: 

 (1) yappy foo foo dog; (2) golf bag complete with driver (with enormous club head), putter, irons, ball retriever, pink balls, great outfit, lessons with cute golf pro; (3) Eiffel Tower or other fantastic destinations; (4) extra branches in case baby birds ricochet back to their rooms, (5) tickets to a Broadway show (ON Broadway); (6) cap, gown and one more diploma to add to your CV; (7) membership to local YMCA; (8) lots of gift cards to restaurants.

Have a blast!

New Year’s Resolution #4- Vacation Creatively

8 Jan

This is post four of Be Brave. Lose the Beige’s 12 days of New Years Resolutions.  Last year (2010 not 2011) I spent the most amazing Thanksgiving week in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico with my husband and our adult children. My kids think this may have been one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. We skied, hiked, dined, and browsed our way through galleries filled with turquoise and terracotta pottery. At least half of our week was spent beholding the beauty of the sage brushed landscape and mountains from our floor to ceiling windows stretched across the back of our vacation home. This three bedroom adobe style home perched on the edge of a reservation was available to us at no cost.

The Holiday, the romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who exchange their Los Angeles and rural England homes over the Christmas holiday inspired us to join an online site called Home Exchange.com. We were able to trade our beach place for the mountain house in Taos at no expense to either party. While some of the listings are second homes, the majority are primary residences. We have successfully exchanged homes on five occasions. Rather than cramming five people into two hotel rooms where we are forced to eat out every meal, we have a kitchen, living room, and multiple bath and bedrooms at our disposal.  

Financing a vacation may sound like a luxury during times of economic distress like we are currently undergoing. Carving out time from stress and schedules may not be a luxury but rather a necessity for our psychic well being and that of our family. It may sound glib to suggest there are alternative forms of vacationing that don’t require taking out a second mortgage to fund it or piling in on top of relatives in other locales. A home exchange worked for us and might for you. Check it out at http://www.homexchange.com