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Boomer Cafe…it’s your place

29 Mar

Boomer Café is a great site for stories about Baby Boomers. Check out “The Case of the Purloined Pig-Skin”- http://tinyurl.com/yjnhgwr




The Purloined Pig-Skin Part III

15 Mar

This is the third and final installment in my Purloined Pig-Skin mini-series.  (See below for Parts I and II)

…My son was a wreck. He was mulling over how he was going to inform his step-father his wife was spending the night in jail. Our stomachs were churning. There were now four policeman standing at the railing above us. David’s Dad volunteered to be my attorney. But then something weird happened. Nothing happened. They left us alone. Northwestern had scored again forcing the game into overtime. We begin to think, maybe we can pull this off. The game finally ended. I had taken off my Northwestern purple so I did not look like a fan. My lawyer/ ex husband and I, the purloined pig skin in tow, exited the stands one way, my son and friends departed in the opposite direction. We were immediately swept up in the crowd and were swept down and out of the stadium. I refused to discuss the caper for fear of being overheard. I didn’t hear my cell phone ringing as my son frantically tried to reach me thinking we had been stopped or seized. Our level of paranoia was perhaps out of proportion relative to the potential consequences. But the intimidation impressed upon us by the police was sufficient to make us fearful.

Eventually we all rendezvoused back at our car. I refused to let anyone even open the offending backpack until we were out of Hillsborough County. We finally stopped at a Starbuck’s in Polk County and examined our take. The next day, still shaken from our petty larceny, the fabulous five signed the ball to commemorate the experience. I was Lightfingers Liz Kitchens. Even though I am currently in possession of the ball, I didn’t take it for myself. I did it for my son. I love him so much. And he loves sports and Northwestern University. I knew this would be a big deal for him. Little did I know just how much.

Epilogue: Auburn University won the game after going into double overtime.

The Purloined Pig-Skin

8 Mar

The following is the first installment in a three-part mini series entitled, “The Purloined Pig-Skin”.

Who Likes football? Well I could care less about football, but I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a story ostensibly about football, but it’s really a story about mother love.

As a preface, I rarely follow football. I don’t know quarterback or coach names, understand their rules, like why you have 4 downs to make a first down – the language redundancy baffles me. I do, however, titularly follow college football, namely Northwestern University’s team since it’s my son’s alma mater and he loves this big ten team so much. I actually attended two games this year, one against the University of Wisconsin Badgers, at which I kept trying to photograph Bucky the Badger/mascot for my friend Bob Leventhal. The second was a playoff game against the Auburn Tigers in Tampa at the Outback Bowl.

My son, his girlfriend, his Dad (who happens to be my former husband) and another Northwestern alum, gamely arose at 7 am New Years day, for the hour and a half drive through pouring rain to attend the 11:00 bowl game. We joined a sea of purple paraphernalia when we took our seats in the end zone.

It rained… and rained… Northwestern did not fare well. We were down by two touchdowns at half time. During half time, as we dried out I suggested leaving after the third quarter if the weather conditions and playing did not improve. Even my die hard, loyal son agreed. Well, the game and the weather improved significantly in the second half. Ponchos and parkas were discarded. This story of our football follies will be continued…