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Creativity Relieves Boredom

26 Apr

My little art company is called ideaLizms. Aside from being clay sculptures I have created, ideaLizms are intended to inspire and encourage people to live their lives creatively and with fun. This may sound like an intimidating concept to some, but the bottom line is this – creativity relieves boredom.

Don’t you find it to be excruciatingly boring to make the same recipe over and over again? To drive the same route each day? Eating the same food for breakfast each morning? (I can barely stand to brush my teeth in the same place each day) Some believe creativity is all about creating beautiful art and music. Creativity is also about taking the drudgery out of every day tasks.

Try varying one task you routinely do each day. Let me know how it feels.

Are You a “Tweener”?

17 Aug

My husband came up with a new word to describe me – “tweener”. It’s because I fall “between” so many different labels. I’m somewhere between young and old.

I’m sandwiched between my parents’ generation who said sex/drugs and rock-n-roll were immoral, and my children’s generation who says they’re unhealthy. (I think we were the only generation to really have any fun) Because the clay art I create falls somewhere between “fine art” and “arts and crafts”, I, once again, straddle designations (although, I prefer to call myself a “fun artist”).

Is “tweener” an accurate description of you? Tell me how.