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What Flavor of the Week Is Your Favorite?

27 Feb

Have you ever given any thought to what the days of the week feel like?  The seasons of the year have very distinct flavors.  The crisp cool days of fall as the quality of the light changes and the days grow shorter.  The smell of fireplace smoke permeating the air; it’s dark by 5:30 as we shrug into our flannel PJs in the winter. The smell of rain and fresh flowers as the daylight begins to linger in the spring.  Salt, sand and sea define the summers; school’s out; an escape from stress and schedules.

Maybe days of the week can have similar flavors.  My favorite day is Friday, the eve before the weekend.  There is a sense of anticipation on Fridays, kind of like Christmas Eve is to Christmas Day.  Friday night is typically date night for my husband and me.  We try to keep that evening sacred, sans friends and family.

Thursday may be turning into the new Friday.   A couple of Thursdays ago my husband and I left work around 3 to run errands on our bikes.  The temperature was so accommodating- a 72 degree February day, dry and breezy.  This was a non-holiday and we were playing a little hooky.  The deliciousness of cheating a little feels liberating.

I would just as soon work on Sunday in order to be able to take off a half day on Friday.  Sunday feels like, “ah, Monday is so close, I might as well go back to work now”.  I think it’s a defense mechanism in order for Monday not to have such a bite.Let’s talk about Monday.  I can’t think of a single soul who would choose Monday as their favorite day of the week.  Certainly not me.  If I were to attribute anthropomorphic tendencies to Monday, I would think it might feel rather lonely and unloved.  But, Monday has a few positive qualities as well.  Our government has deemed Monday the day we celebrate long weekends.  It’s typically attached to Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.  Three day weekends are great for vacationing.  Monday is a day to “get serious”, “ buckle down”, get that project done.  So good productivity is a reason to respect this day of the week.

Those are a few of my thoughts..what is your most favorite and least favorite day?

6 Nov

 It’s Friday, the eve of the weekend, one of the most fun and anticipated days of the week. Why not go on a retreat without going anywhere. After all, there is no place like home. According to an article in the November issue of Yoga Journal, an at home retreat would involve no costs, no times to adhere to,  and no one else’s agenda to accommodate. This rare luxury could be for a day or a weekend.

An essential component of such a retreat is solitude. Solitude means turning off the telephones (all of them) the computer(s), television, and notifying your friends and family you are taking a time out. Clear away the responsibilities and to-do lists so you have the open space to turn inward.

Time appears to move more slowly. Practice yoga, meditate, read, drink healthy teas, or prepare nourishing meals. Taking a long bath, riding a bike, taking a walk, or picnicking in the park, all can be a part of your at home retreat. As noted in Yoga Journal, “when approached with intention and a quite inward focus, all of your activities can be nurturing.”

 If not this weekend, how about the next one. We deserve it. To see the entire article go to http://www.yogajournal.com.

Celebrate our Laboring

4 Sep

As we embark on our Labor Day weekend, celebrating our days of laboring, I’d like to share an ideal way to work. 

I’m sitting under a tent on the beach, laptop in hand with my feet buried beneath soft, crumbly ivory colored sand. I really am working, I’m just doing it to the accompaniment of the rhythmic sounds of a summer ocean. I’m using technology in a way that is advantageous to me; I’m not allowing it to use me (at least not at the moment). My cell phone is near by, as are the sandpipers and ruddy turnstones with their punk rocker hairdos. (Seagull relatives)  

Let’s face it, most of us have to work. Work can take the form of office labor or the labor intensive responsibilities of being a parent or other responsible adult. Whether we are filling out those endless beginning of school year forms for our children, paying bills or typing on our laptops, do one thing that makes it all more pleasurable. Maybe your scenery isn’t a turquoise ocean, but it still could be a garden, a lake, or a breeze on your face. Our parents taught us work first, play second. If you can and when you can, perform your tasks/ work in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing. It will qualitatively improve your production. And besides, you might not mind doing it so much.Labor Day

Bike Your Way through your Weekend

28 Aug

 It’s Friday, the eve before the weekend. The sweet anticipation offered by Friday sometimes has that Christmas Eve feel to me. It’s a culmination of days of work, stress, chores and obligations. Weekends are kind of like taking your retirement a little bit at a time. So, what is something you can do this weekend that might be a little different and fun. How about forgetting the car for the weekend. You’ve driven to work all week. It’s boring and fraught with hassles. Why not ride your bike wherever you need to go. Put saddlebags on your bike and only buy as many groceries as will fit into your bag..biking makes everyday chores more fun. Take a ride on a bike trail. You get the triple benefit of exercise, being outdoors, and actually getting to a destination. Ride to a nearby park and have a picnic.

Bike riding is one of my favorite activities. I feel youthful and free like I did when I was a kid and my one means of individual transportation was my bicycle.
Write and let me know where you go….Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!





Friday Escape

14 Aug

We have been spending time at our beach place this summer. It’s really the perfect way to endure this sweltering season. A beach escape should be on your to-do list this weekend. Escaping the heat and your incessant to-do list is your Friday prescription.

Once there, sink into your brightly colored beach chair and feel the stillness of not rushing. Allow yourself to become mesmerized by the sound and sight of the waves and the play of the light on the water.  With little or no effort this seaside retreat will quiet your chatter-brain…try meditating in the midst of this stillness (taking into account, of course, the squealing children near by.)Beach Retreat

What would your perfect beach day look and feel like?