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Exercise Your Creativity

10 Sep

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Picasso.

Our lives have been a linear sequence of education, work, babies, minivans, college tuition, and care-taking. There is no question the joy imbued in these stages is irreplaceable. But somewhere in this process it’s easy to lose parts of ourselves. We begin turning beige as color and joy seep away due to endless responsibilities and obligations. What about applying our overdeveloped sense of work ethic to discovering our own colorful spirits? I have just the prescription for curing beigedom….It’s called creativity.

The very word “creativity” can elicit fear and intimidation in grown women. (It’s really interesting observing a child’s reaction to creativity versus an adult’s. Children readily and eagerly embrace this concept, while adults, many years removed from this playful time in their lives, shy away from it.) Creativity is such a misunderstood concept. Anyone and everyone can choose to live more creatively. Trying a new recipe can be creative. Getting dressed in the morning can be a creative act. Creativity is not just about participating in the visual or performing arts, it’s a way of thinking about and approaching your life, a way of viewing the world. It’s owning your own life rather than letting circumstances or other people own you.

So, if you don’t view yourself as creative per se but recognize some merit in the concept, how do you go about cultivating this quality? My suggestion is..try “exercising your creative muscles”.

Exercising your creative muscles can be accomplished in a variety of ways, some of which include….

-planting a swath of backyard dirt with a garden filled with colorful flowers or aromatic herbs
-dusting off your guitar or piano keys and taking music lessons
– collaging a few family photographs
-taking a pottery class..clay is a wonderful teacher, it comes from the ground and grounds those who touch it.
-subscribing to Cooking Light and experimenting with new cooking and baking recipes
-playing dress up in your own closet coordinating old favorites with new styles.

Flexing those creative muscles will definitely make them stronger and more defined.