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The Power of the Purse

5 Feb

I contributed several colorful clay purse cupcakes to the “Power of the Purse” silent auction sponsored by the Center for Women’s Philanthropy. This is the third year I’ve participated in this event. I love the title and it makes me think the “power of the purse” is a concept girls and women should consider exploring in their lives, relationships, and marriages. Throughout history, fathers and husbands have held the purse strings. Daughters and wives often resorted to manipulation as a way of accumulating resources of their own. Financial resources dictate our ability to make choices…to make decisions about our own lives and even our bodies. Financial empowerment impacts the way we view ourselves and even how others view us. This is not just an issue about working women versus non-working women. There are many income producing women who have little control over their pocketbooks; there are women not in the employment sector who exercise considerable control over family resources. What about you? Do you feel you have power over your purse?