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Who Can You Trust?

10 Jul

A few years ago I injured my knee and thought the injury might result in arthroscopic surgery. To his credit, the orthopedist/sports medicine doctor recommended joining a gym to strengthen my quads/hamstrings as a way to protect my knee. Grateful he was not scalpel obsessed, I dutifully joined the YMCA and began a regiment of exercises to heal my knee. Seven years and countless Spin, Pilates, Body Pump, and Yoga classes later, I was, once again, faced with an aching knee. In response, I hired a personal trainer to instruct me in the proper exercise techniques. In a further attempt to avoid the scalpel I hired a Muscle Activation Therapist. MAT specialists help reactivate muscles long silenced by the brain, thus requiring adjacent muscles to overcompensate. This exercise and therapy package, including my Y membership, is now costing in the neighborhood of $7,000 per year. Insurance is only willing to pay for post physical traumas not preventative measures. And guess what! I’m still going to have to have surgery on my knee to treat my torn meniscus! My surgeon says squats (a PT favorite for strengthening quads) can exacerbate torn knee cartilage.

So I ask you, who can you trust?

Torn Meniscus

Torn Meniscus