A Week Of Lasts

2 Nov

This has been a week of lasts.  The last Thursday night spend in our home, the last Halloween spent on Choctaw Trail, one of the premier trick or treat sites in Central Florida; the last Saturday morning; the last Fall Back for Daylight Savings time; the last Sunday morning dressing for church.  Sweet sentimental moments, not necessarily sad ones.  As I write this post i’m sitting lengthwise on our living room sofa gazing out at the robellini palms and golden Lantana bushes.  My labradoodle is perched on our window seat, a place she commandeered earlier in her life in order to keep vigil over the neighborhood.

While I’ll miss this house and neighborhood of 32 years, I’m excited about the change.  I think change contributes to brain health and a youthful spirit.  I am looking forward to the prospect of shopping at new grocery stores; biking for burgers; traveling new routes to old places.  At 61, with all the aches and pains associated with aging, I relish accessing a few of those youthful feelings again.

Kitchens House

Kitchens House

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