For Mother’s Day My Son Gave Me A Rose

19 Sep

The autumnal equinox is on September 22nd this year, officially ushering in the fall season.  As a Floridian, I’m more than a little happy potentially cooler, dryer days will replace the stifling days of summer.  So it seems odd to be writing about a holiday, 4 months hence, namely, Mother’s Day.

As long as I have a memory, May 11th, 2014 will be indelibly imprinted on my heart.  I have been known to mope on Mother’s Day  succumbing to the Mother’s Day Blues on that Hallmark holiday.  My daughter lives in Baltimore, my son and daughter in law in Chicago so it is is a rarity for me to actually be even in the same room with them on Mother’s Day.  My kids are wonderful about calling, face timing, and sending treats but it is not the same as having them across the dinner table.  But this Mother’s Day was different.

As the day was concluding around 8ish in the evening, David and Katie facetimed me.  Expecting them to chide me about my whiny “I’ve Got the Mother’s Day Blues” blog post earlier in the day, I was surprised to find two giggly 31 year looking like they had just swallowed a couple of canaries.  David loves teasing out the punch line so in an understated way, he said they were calling with a bit of news.  I couldn’t imagine what it might be.  They were married last December; my son received his Ph.D. last fall.  Naively I thought, what possible milestone remains?  “We took a test and it looks like we are pregnant” they declared.  I’m not sure I realized I was screaming for what must have been a minute.  Now it was my turn to be fidgety and giggly.  Months of ultra sounds and doctor’s visits reassured them about viability (I actually can’t stand that word used in conjunction with my future grandchild).  Two weeks ago they posted this photo on their facebook page to share the news about their baby girl to be.  They intend to name her Maya Rose.  Thinking back to that momentous Mother’s Day moment I realize my children gave me a rose for Mother’s Day.  What could be more beautiful.

My rose

My rose

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