Practicing Mindfulness this Labor Day Weekend

1 Sep

It’s Labor Day Weekend…a 3 day weekend affording a respite from relentless schedules and to-do lists. We are spending the weekend, as we are oft to do, in New Smyrna beach, Florida.   A cloudless sky gives reason for the name sky blue. The ocean breezes penetrate the schedules, to do lists and deadlines living inside our overworked brains.   Childhood memories and behaviors are revisited as we frolic in the foamy washing machine waves of this late summer ocean.   The Atlantic acts as a power engine as your body takes the form of a rocket shooting for shore in our body surfing contests.

Time is elastic here. Two days inhabit one as we easily slip into mindfulness, paying attention to important things such as a grandchild’s belly laugh, the taste of a lemon bar or the sight of a pack of pelicans flying in a V formation. I, like many other Lady Boomers, am a quintessential multi-tasker. I’ve been known to boast about how many different things I can do at one time. Multi-tasking can lead to multi-taxing our spirits. Vacations, even mini ones, provide perfect platform for practicing mindfulness. I’m suspecting mindfulness may just be the meaning of life.

Labor Day Weekend At the Beach

Labor Day Weekend At the Beach

Happy Labor Day


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