Crabby Week

28 Jun

It is finally Saturday.  (TGIS) I’m happy to be exiting a week filled with prickly people.  I’ve experienced personal affronts from three people whose services I employ and whose friendships I’ve enjoyed.

The first and smallest affront came from my personal trainer.  We have enjoyed what I considered to be a flexibly scheduled work-out relationship.  I typically subject myself to her good-natured torturing Tuesdays around 5.  She is chronically late getting to me, a fact I’ve adapted to.  I’ve had to cancel on occasion, as has she, with little to no notice.  I was forced to tardily cancel my session this week due to a knee injury.  I was surprised to receive a terse text telling me she needs a 48 hour cancellation notice.  Hmmm…that seems kind of random.

Affront number 2 came from Ben, our long time handyman and pal.  Ben is our Eldin of Murphy Brown fame, living on ladders, tinkering with tools, and consulting honey do lists in our house for years. My husband also employs his skills in our new property management franchise.  Ben has been the recipient of many bank withdrawals as well as remnants of remodeling efforts from years past.  Thus, I was surprised when he behaved like a petulant child this week when asked to help us ready our house for sale.  His workmanship has been shabby; he disappears for hours, often never returning; he might perform one or two tasks a day.  He questions every decision we make and exhibits hostility toward fellow contractors.  It feels as though he is trying to sabotage our move with his passive aggressive behavior.  Very frustrating.

Thirdly- A person to whom I’m expecting to pay a hefty consulting fee, wrote me what I considered to be a patronizing email “explaining” or perhaps lecturing me on the proper process and protocol for purchasing a house.

Crabby People

Crabby People

So what is up this week?. Is there some constellation configuration contributing to the crabbies this week? Let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar…(Sorry if this sounds a little whiney)



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