Bike Helmets- I May Look Like a Dork but I Don’t Look Stupid

11 Apr

I recently wrote a post about Brainfest 2014, an event hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Florida. The keynote speaker was Chris Nowinski, the author of “Head Games; Foodball’s Concussion Crisis”. Nowinski offered scary statistics about the consequences of concussions, bad enough in their own right, but often leading to permanent brain injuries.  I was literally squirming in my seat listening to these statistics. You see, I’m an avid bike rider- not the performance bike rider with a $2,000+ bike who rides 30 miles at a sitting.  No, my bike cost around $300 and I rarely ride beyond a 5-10 mile radius, typically employing it to “get somewhere”.  Driving can be boring and fraught with hassles. Biking, however, makes everyday chores more fun. You get the quadruple benefit of exercise, being outdoors, being eco friendly, and actually getting to a destination. I love the efficiency.But, in spite of nagging from friends, and ignoring that still small voice within telling me I should wear a bike helmet, I continued over my past 50+ years of ridership to go helmetless, preferring instead to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.  My vanity also spoke louder than the other voices, telling me how nerdy I looked in a bike helmet.

Well, in large part due to the inspiration from Brainfest 2014, I’m now the proud owner of a magenta  Bell bike helmet.  I’ve decided I may look like a dork but I don’t look stupid.

Turtle on a Trike

Turtle on a Trike


One Response to “Bike Helmets- I May Look Like a Dork but I Don’t Look Stupid”

  1. Beverly Engel April 16, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    I am so proud of you for making this wise choice to protect your head and brain. Now you are a role model for all those people who think “nothing can happen to me.” In the event of an accident, wearing a helmet can save you from having to learn how to walk, talk, write or do any of those things and more all over again!

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