Women Wear A Lot of Hats

5 Nov

My friend, Cynthia, attempted to introduce me recently to one of her friends.  I saw a slight hesitation flicker across her face as she struggled with a label for me.  This did not surprise me in the least as I, like so many Lady Boomers, wear a lot of hats.  At an average age of 60, Baby Boomer women have lived multiple roles and occupations over the course of their varied lives.

I too am confused about what to call or label myself.  I love being a Mom to my adult children; my husband and I own a market research firm conducting survey and focus group research for campaigns and companies; and I am director of the Jeremiah Project, a creative arts program for at risk kids.  But what I really love is writing this blog.  This blog is evolving into a book and accompanying journal entitled, “Be Brave. Lose the Beige”.  I’m a clay artist and enjoy creating clay sculptures, some of which illustrate this blog and book.  So what is my identity exactly?  I feel like such a hybrid of several different roles.  I think many of us Lady Boomers feel the same way.  My husband came up with a fun label for me – Claywriter.  I really love the term.  It describes at least two of my roles (clay artist and writer).  Why not try creating a fun word to describe yourself and your pursuits? Don’t let the English language limit your choices.  Post a comment to share your new found I.D.

The Hats Women Wear

The Hats Women Wear



2 Responses to “Women Wear A Lot of Hats”

  1. Katrina Eaton November 12, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

    Your comments resonate with me. I especially feel the lack of an ID since I am so new to the area. I think about all the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been, the relationships I’ve had, the choirs, the music, concerts, the art, galleries, architecture, homes, landscapes, neighborhoods, churches, spirit homes, restaurants, food I’ve cooked, food I’ve eaten, food I’ve grown, the different companies I’ve been with in different positions and responsibilities, owned my own company for awhile, volunteer organizations, friendships from all parts of my life and all over the country, yoga communities, pets, children, grandchildren, now a great grandchild, husbands, partner, being part of an LGBT community, now married again. All have shaped me, yet here I am today, just am, without label. It actually feels freeing. I have wings, and I can fly.

    • Liz Kitchens November 13, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

      We are so delighted you are here among us. It is lovely getting to know you

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