Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

19 Aug

I’m still on my Healthy Choice taste testing campaign.  While they are paying me and supplying the entrees, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by Healthy Choice.  It has been so fun trying out their line of café steamers.  The first entrée I tried was the Ricotta & Spinach ravioli and chicken marinara.  I was hurrying to make a meeting so popped it in the microwave for five minutes, warmed up vegetables from the previous night and had myself a delicious lunch.  I love ravioli and have since I was a kid eating Chef Boyardee ravioli out of a can.  This is a grown up version of ravioli on the go.  First of all, I love the fact Healthy choice uses whole grain pasta and no preservatives (I don’t think the same could be said for the ravioli of my youth).  I was pleasantly surprised by this frozen dinner dish.  The ravioli tasted like ravioli and the chicken like pieces of chicken I would cook myself.  I also like the fact it’s 260 calories.  You can check out their selection of Cafe Steamers by clicking here.

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