Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt– Four Ounces of Deliciousness

12 Aug

As quoted by Hermia in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “I am amazed and know not what to say…” (although since this is a blog post, I probably do need to know what to say).  My husband is quite a yogurt-a-phobe.  It does not matter what flavor, he just hates the stuff.  Until yesterday that is, when I was sampling Healthy Choice’s vanilla bean Greek frozen yogurt.  I loved the texture of this creamy yogurt and actually felt good about eating it.  It is made with real vanilla beans and no artificial additives or preservatives.  I said “try it you might actually like it” to my husband.  And you know what?  He liked it!  Miracle of miracles.   We even added it to our morning smoothie today.

 In the interest of full disclosure, I am participating in a taste test in Vibrant Nation’s Health Choice campaign.  They provided the products and remuneration in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.  And I honestly like this 100 calorie four ounce cup of deliciousness. 

 I’m including a link for an online coupon if you would like to try it-


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