Sunglasses for Summer Time Beach Reading

17 Apr

I’m a part of Vibrant Nation’s Influencer Network and on occasion receive free products to sample.  I’m excited because I just received a pair of Dioptic Solar Shield sunglasses to evaluate.  My excitement stems from the fact these sunglasses fit over my reading glasses. My husband and I have a beach place on the east coast of Florida.  Many a summer day finds us camped by the water’s edge allowing the ocean breeze to penetrate the schedules, to-do lists and deadlines that live inside our overworked brains.  One of my favorite leisure activities during these seaside retreats is reading good fiction  (non-fiction not allowed at the beach).  The sun, however, even with a beach umbrella can prove to be more than a little blinding sans sunglasses.   I’ve not really wanted to invest the money in prescription sunglasses.  These Solar Shield sunglasses are just the answer.  At a cost of $25.00 they are a reasonable alternative to expensive prescription sunglasses.  As you can see from the photo below, it is not really obvious I’m even wearing readers on underneath.  And, they are surprisingly comfortable to boot.  Check them out at  They are available at a number of retail stores including Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

Liz wearing Solar Shield sunglasses

Liz wearing Solar Shield sunglasses


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