Chocolate Frustration

15 Feb

It’s the day after Valentine’s day.  People awaken today in various states of being-   (1) feeling happy and loved, (2) disappointed, (3) unconcerned since the holiday did not mean much to them,  (4) feeling fat from all the rich food, wine, and chocolate consumed, and/or (5) frustrated.  Yes, I said frustrated.  

Let’s say today (or any other post Valentine’s day) you  tip-toed up to a box of chocolates feeling guilty anticipation at the prospect of beholding orderly rows of delicious delicacies?  Upon raising the lid, however, you discover crumpled wrappers containing half eaten caramels, mauled milk chocolates, and partially nibbled nougats  – sampled and rejected –  leaving these bitten beauties unfit for another’s consumption.  How frustrating!  It might have looked like this – 

Chocolate Frustration

Chocolate Frustration


One Response to “Chocolate Frustration”

  1. miraoli February 21, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    Theres a great coupon for ghirardelli chocolate ($1 off!) at Check it out. =] You can get some non-eaten chocolates!


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