New Year’s Resolutions #6- Try Taking Mini-Adventures

22 Jan

 This is post #6 of Be Brave. Lose the Beige’s 10 days of New Years Resolutions.

Adventures dont always have to be big and bold. Who said the definition of adventure is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or back packing through Europe? Adventures come in many sizes and forms and help us feel young all over again. As we age into our 50s, 60s and 70s, lets take a sip or two from the Fountain of Youth, at least on occasion.

The other night my husband and I hopped on our bikes and rode to the grocery store. The night was beautiful, the air cool, and the stars luminous. We did not exactly look hip and cool bundled up and helmeted with our flashing bike lights. We did, however, feel exhilarated in the cold air and just a little daring venturing out late on a school” night.

Friends later chided us saying, Why didnt you just take the car? That would have been easier and safer!” Convenience was not the point I responded. Dont you remember that feeling of freedom you experienced as a kid when you jumped on your only means of transportation- your bicycle- managing to escape from parental oversight and control? I harken back to that time and feeling often when I ride my bicycle.

So, go ahead, dip your toe into that Fountain of Youth a few times in the coming year. Try something even just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Maybe learning to do something you have never done before, such as snow skiing. Even if you dont ever leave the Bunny Slope, you will be thrilled and proud of your adventurous self.


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