Halloween Isn’t the Only Time We Wear Masks

18 Oct

Be Brave. Lose the Beige embarked upon a seasonal journey with our Lady Boomers this past year.  This month our gathering focused upon the “masks” we wear using the metaphor of Halloween to inspire us. Our “mask” is the face we present to the world.  We have a wardrobe of different masks for different people and occasions.   This topic inevitably led to a discussion about all the hats women wear and the roles they occupy- mother, daughter, wife, sister, grandmother, employee, friend…so many masks,  how can we have congruency with some of these masks, allowing people to see our true selves?

Using crayons and markers, participants illustrated the persona or mask(s) they present to others.  I am continuously blown away by the candor and connection these women demonstrate in our sessions, and this one did not disappoint.

The following are a few of their illustrations and reflections:

Margrette divided her mask.  One side reflected her leadership skills, her logical self;  the other side reflected her squiggly line self.    


Theo created a beautiful mask saying her light shown inward in her early years, becoming more outward as job descriptions required.  She has found her self going inward again as she was faces a new chapter in her life.  


Trish’s mask was a study in contrasts and intense colors- rich blues and oranges.  She noted how her favorite color is orange-  Orange is optimistic, sociable and even adventurous, consistent characteristics with Trish’s outward persona.


Lynn wrote on her beautiful mask-  “Who am I?  My face is an open book.  My emotions are usually on public display.”





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