Comfort Trumps Inconvenience

13 Oct

My two dogs become agitated and start barking when I open my underwear drawer to put on a bra.  Experience tells them they are being left.  Whether it be for 30 minutes or 30 hours, my bra and any other binding clothing are discarded the minute I walk into my sanctuary of a home.  I value comfort over many other states of being.  Now mind you, I probably end up changing clothes five times a day.  My multiple clothing changes correlate with the many hats I wear-  I’m a focus group facilitator in my family’s small business; I’m program director for an arts enrichment program for at risk middle schoolers; I’m a writer and clay illustrator; and partner in my Be Brave. Lose the Beige business.  Given the varied responsibilities of these endeavors, the result is a lot of wardrobe changes.  My desire for comfort trumps the inconvenience of unbuttoning and refastening.

Late one evening not long ago I bumped into a friend in a 24 hour drug store.  She was wearing a dress (the professional looking kind not the housecoat throw-on kind).  It became evident (after a few nosey questions) it is her M.O. to get dressed just once a day.  She stays in her a.m. clothes until she readies for bed.  She is the kind of neighbor who looks wonderful even at unannounced drop-ins at her house, make up and all.  (I actually have a lot of neighbors like that so I suspect I’m in the minority on this issue.)  I’m like a four year old scrubbing lipstick residue off the minute I hit my front door.

Nevertheless, I still choose my way, neighbors or not.  I value every moment of the day.  Any way I can enrich these moments of mine, I will.  And my physical comfort nurtures my psychic comfort.


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