Lose the Beige in Your Life

1 Oct

Ten Things You Can Do To Lose the Beige

Exercise Your CreativityWe understand exercising our bodies and minds, but somehow once we get past the age of ten, we start paying less attention to our creative muscles.

 Introduce More Color In Your Daily LifeSomehow color and whimsy can make even the most mundane task a lot more fun.

Analyze That Purse Chaos–  What kind of baggage are you carrying around?

What’s In Your Empty or Not So Empty Nest?It’s a question we should ask ourselves as we rebuild our nests and make room for our own dreams.

Go from Working Full Time to Living Full Time-  As you begin navigating retirement options, consider how you can creatively spend your next 30, 40, or 50 years.

Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!-Try parking your car and pedaling to your destination once in a while.  It’s a fun way to help protect our planet.

Beauty and the BeachEscape your incessant to-do lists by going to on a beach retreat.  The beach offers a place of acceptance and equality regardless of size, age, income level, and even species.

Take Yourself Out on a Date-  a shopping expedition, museum outing, a favorite activity to pamper your passions, and it should be done alone. It’s amazing how little time we spend by ourselves.

Diet in Color- Oranges, yellow squash, red peppers, purple pomegranates. All this rich beautiful color costs the dieter 0 points in the Weight Watchers World.

Try Taking Mini-Adventures- Adventures don’t have to be big and bold.  They come in many sizes and help us feel young all over again.  



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