Vacation Creatively

23 May

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of participants in a recent BoomerOpinions poll reported that their financial situation had grown worse over the past couple of years, with 29% saying their finances had remained about the same.  The same survey found, however, in spite of current economic woes, 76% of these Boomer respondents are likely to travel on vacation during the next year. 

I was heartened by these findings and think these results speak volumes about who the Boomer Generation is and what it values.  Yes, we have been hard hit by the economy.  Weve had to reduce spending on non-essentials, but we obviously dont regard vacations as non-essential.  Spending time with our families and extricating ourselves, even a bit, from the squeeze of stress is a priority of ours. So, how can we be the responsible people we are and not have to take out a second mortgage to afford a getaway?  One solution might be

 Last Thanksgiving my family and I vacationed for a week in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico. We skied, hiked, dined, and browsed our way through galleries filled with turquoise and terracotta pottery. At least half of our week was spent beholding the beauty of the sage brushed landscape and mountains from our floor to ceiling windows stretched across the back of our vacation home. This three bedroom adobe style home perched on the edge of a reservation was available to us at no cost.

The Holiday, the romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who exchange their Los Angeles and rural England homes over the Christmas holiday inspired us to join an online site called Home We were able to trade our beach place for the mountain house in Taos at no expense to either party. We have successfully exchanged homes on five occasions. Rather than cramming five people into two hotel rooms where we are forced to eat out every meal, we have a kitchen, living room, and multiple bath and bedrooms at our disposal.  

Financing a vacation may sound like a luxury during times of economic distress like we are undergoing. Carving out time from stress and schedules may not be a luxury but rather a necessity for our psychic well being and that of our family.  A home exchange worked for us and might for you. Check it out at



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