Resolve to Be It Resolved

14 Jan

I’ve been posting New Year’s resolutions blogs this month.  These posts have urged Lady Boomers to exercise their creative muscles, to infuse their lives with more color and fun, and even examine their purses for excess baggage they might be carrying around.

I obviously believe in resolutions.  Resolutions, New Years or otherwise, represent a commitment to yourself; a way of honoring yourself and your dreams.  That is why I read with interest an article in last Sunday’s New York Times entitled, Be It Resolved.  Author John Tierney made the following assertions about New Year’s resolutions in this article:

-Whatever you hope for this year, you are more likely to make improvements than someone who hasn’t made a formal resolution.  You are 10 times more likely to change by making a New Year’s resolution compared to non-resolvers with identical goals.

-If you make it through January, you have a good chance of lasting much longer.

He goes on to say most people are not going to keep their resolutions all year long.  They start out with the best of intentions, but by the end of January, a third will have broken their resolutions; by July, more than half will have lapsed.  (Pretty pessimistic stuff, huh?).  One of the secrets for keeping one’s resolve is establishing strategies for keeping them.  (maybe the word “secret” is at the heart of our failures to keep our resolves.  How can anyone be expected to follow through if it’s a well kept secret?)

Here are a few of their strategies:


1.  Set a single clear goal, like “I will lose a pound a week” rather than “I want to lose weight”.

2.  Make a formal contract with a friend on social media sites or on  You can name a referee, enter a contest, institute a pre-paid penalty.

3.  Keep track- self monitoring is vital.

4.  Don’t panic over a relapse.

5.  Reward yourself often.  If your waistline shrinks, buy clothes.

Every little bit helps…



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