Lady Boomers are “Om for the Holidays”

8 Jan

I was afforded the distinct pleasure of helping facilitate an “Om for the Holidays” mini-retreat in December with a group of fabulous Lady Boomers.  Aside from the great conversational exchanges and chocolate communion (yes, that’s right, Chocolate Communion…who says communion always has to include wafers and wine?), we engaged in a journaling exercise in which we envisioned what our ideal holiday season would look like.  A couple of the women agreed to share their visions in this blog.

Linda Solash Reed wrote…

family – whose? choose?

Time travel -unravel-pound the


Warm -cold air- snuggling

blankets, furry friends

Food lots of food, comfort

gravy smooth crowded table

all ages all friends all strangers

Ecstasy -chanting uplifting

rising rising rising

The core, What is the core?

Quantum strings carry the

Universe’s beat vibrating

over and over forever and

ever long as it ever was it is.

Donna Borko wrote….

A “Lounging at the Beach Holiday”


I awaken to the sound of seagulls calling and the surf lapping the sand. I

share a quiet breakfast with my sister or a friend on the patio. Then curl

up on a beach chair to read a good book, followed by a scrumptious lunch and

a stroll along the beach. We let the waves splash cool water over our feet

and even sit in the water to allow the salty sea to soothe our body and

spirit. Later as the sun sets and kisses the horizon with its warm and

glowing rays of departing light, we know that we have been touched by the

love of God, nature, and the love of family and friends. We have quietly

shared together the joys of our peaceful day together.


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