Keep Your Hands Off Our Lightbulbs (but not our bodies?)

18 Jul

I feel a moral imperative to weigh in on the light bulb debate “heating up” in Congress right now. While I care very much about the environmental ramifications of this debate, I’m currently more focused upon the hypocrisy of the opponents to the 2007 congressional legislation, which toughens energy efficiency requirements for incandescent light bulbs.

Conservative talk show hosts like Glen Beck, Congressional officeholders Joe Barton (R Texas) and Michelle Bachman (R Minnesota) are waging what they call “A Mission to Protect Personal Freedom”. I find it utterly ironic that these tea partiers want government to keep their hands off our light bulbs, but not our bodies. They are positively passionate about the notion of personal freedom as it applies to inanimate household objects, while simultaneously passing laws to prevent women and their doctors from exercising the same kind of personal freedom over their persons.

“The government has no right to tell us what bulbs to use”, they cry out self righteously, while rejecting the same logic employed by pro-choice advocates.

What’s good for the goose is obviously not good for the gander.


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