Birthday Love

15 Jul

As I approach my 58th birthday this week, I’ve been reflecting on all the love in my life. My family has already begun celebrating this seemingly non-significant birthday number. My daughter took me shopping for yoga clothes a couple of weeks ago when she visited. Additional presents were stashed away to be presented on the “actual day”. My son and his girlfriend surprised me with a magical day last Saturday. Knowing I love to “play” (designating time for playfulness is a mantra of Be Brave. Lose the Beige), David took me golfing for a couple of hours. While we were slicing and shanking off the tee, (me not him) my Katie, his girlfriend, spent the entire day creating a family party for me, complete with a glittery banner, super hero capes for our two labradoodles with the numbers 5 and 8 on each, and whimsically wrapped presents. She baked cupcakes from scratch, decorated with pink frosting, infused sugars, and candy toppings. What else could a woman want? Well, my husband saw to it the love continued. He gave me an IPad with “I love you” inscribed on the back.

Friends are planning dinner parties and lunches this week. I’m in awe of this kindness. My heart is filled to the brim with gratitude. We spend so much time avoiding and denying the onset of age. The advantages, however, may outweigh the disadvantages in this march of time. Along the way we acquire more people to love- spouses, children, friends, in-laws, grandchildren. We start with few and end up with many. That is if we allow it. Pause as you draw near your next birthday. Look beyond the wrinkles and joint pain. Reflect on all the love in your life, it makes those worry lines on your face well worth it.


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