The Cat Isn’t the Only Winner in this Game of Tic Tac Toe

10 May

My previous post mentioned spending the weekend at a b’nai mitzvah for twins of my poker pal.  The weekend festivities also included a Sunday brunch in honor of the 60th birthday of Paul, the father of the twins.  I was reminded of a story I heard at his 50th birthday party.  Paul and his sister have shared a single birthday card dating back to 1974.   For almost 40 years the two have mailed this greeting card with its game of tic tac toe, back and forth between Orlando and Nashville.  Needless to say the blank spaces have diminished and been replaced with mini post-it-notes containing strategically placed Xs and Os, along with news of successes and sadness, children and changes.  The current condition of the card is amazingly good.  It has been lost and found a few times throughout its history.  While the envelope changes from year to year, it is evident the sentiment has not.  While this is no ordinary family document, it nevertheless has been a semi annual record of the lives of a family, which makes it…yes, let’s say it together …priceless!


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