Baby Boomers Aren’t Going Quietly Into their Later Years

7 Mar

One of my favorite television shows is on Sunday Morning on CBS with Charles Osgood.  Yesterday there was a story about marketing to Baby Boomers and their $3.4 trillion buying power.  Just the sound of that made me feel more powerful.  Baby Boomers are turning 65 this year, and a projected 72 million– one-fifth of the US population will be that age or older by 2030.  The show described how Boomers like us are attempting to arrest the aging process.  One of the ways they are doing it is through exercise regimes.  (Not everyone’s favorite subject or activity, I realize).  “If you don’t keep doing this, soon you won’t be able to do anything” said one man on his exercise workout.  Professor Joseph Coughlin, director of MIT’s Age Lab said, “We’re not willing to go into old age quietly..our greatest contribution might be how we face longevity, which is a legacy we can leave our children and grandchildren”.

I’m a numbers junkie so these statistics really floated my boat.  My husband and I conduct polls and focus groups for a variety of issues.  In fact, I’m currently conducting an online survey of Lady Boomers- women between the ages of 46-65.  I’m really interested in the lifestyles and choices being made by Lady Boomers.   I would really appreciate your clicking on this link to take the survey. (It will only take five minutes)  I plan to include the findings of the survey in a book I’m writing entitled, “Be Brave. Lose the Beige.”  Three $100 prizes will be awarded in a drawing just for taking the survey.  I would so appreciate your help and participation.


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