Claywriter, my new I.D.

31 Jan

I’m confused about what to call or label myself.  Like many Lady Boomers, I wear a lot of hats.  I love being a Mom to my adult children and would love to be a grandmother (if my kids would ever pause in their pursuits of degrees and career opportunities to make that happen).  I’m a daughter helping care for an Alzheimer’s afflicted father.  My husband and I own a market research firm conducting survey and focus group research for campaigns and companies, which supports our family.  But what I really love is writing this blog.  My blog writing has morphed into a book and accompanying journal entitled, “Be Brave. Lose the Beige”.  I’m a clay artist and enjoy creating clay sculptures, some of which I’m using to illustrate my book.  So what is my identity exactly?  I feel like such a hybrid of several different roles.  I think many of us Lady Boomers feel the same way.  My husband came up with a fun label for me – Claywriter.  I really love the term.  It describes at least two of my roles (clay artist and writer).  Why not try creating a fun word to describe yourself and your pursuits? Don’t let the English language limit your choices.  Post a comment to share your new found I.D.

One Response to “Claywriter, my new I.D.”

  1. Gwen January 31, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    YOur life sounds as complicated as mine…with all the hats I wear sometimes I forget exactly who i am. I am not getting any younger and have descided to persue writing. I have heard that if you keep the brain learning new things you live longer. 🙂 BTW Claywriter sounds good to me.

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