Diamonds Aren’t Always a Girls Best Friend

23 Dec
My blog post yesterday seemed to hit a nerve. It was entitled, “Dump the Diamonds” and argued for demoting diamonds in favor of unique and colorful gems and stones. I in no way intended to impugn the integrity of diamonds or their owners. I have received my share of diamonds over the past 57 years and two marriages. I cherish the messages of love imbedded in the prongs cradling my diamonds. As I’ve aged, though, my attitudes toward jewelry (and many other things) have altered. My diamonds are now adorning the fingers of future and present daughters-in-law. I find I prefer the wares offered by artists at high quality craft galleries and art shows. The inlaid mixed medals, malachite and turquoise fascinate and thrill me. The stones also make great worry/boredom beads when sitting in an emergency room or a boring meeting.  
 So, truly, I in no way intended to offend anyone with my “dump or demote the diamonds” diatribe. I was really offering a tongue-in-cheek argument for handmade over machine made.
 Happy Holidays and may the jewels you receive this season be treasures whether rocks or visiting children and grandchildren.





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