Santa’s Tips for Celebrating an Ideal Christmas

28 Oct

Christmas is approaching.  It’s déj vu all over again as we face the prospect of endless shopping trips for perfect presents and food for feasts.  We will make the annual pilgrimage to our attics, climbing rickety ladders retrieving ornaments, strands of burned out lights, and ceramic Santas.  Garland and gifts gradually take over guest rooms.  We will watch Miracle on 34th Street for the 34th time up to our elbows in cookie dough and wrapping paper. We often spend money we don’t have in pursuit of an ideal nestled into our memories leftover from Christmases past.  Now, let me be quick to add, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  When I contemplated converting to Judaism in my former marriage, I was perfectly willing to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and spend the day fasting in quiet contemplation on Yom Kippur.  However, giving up Christmas was out of the question. But, this year, why not try envisioning a different kind of holiday, one that might not feel as harried.  Perhaps we just need a reminder to help us escape from the stress and schedules and re-discover the playful side of this colorful holiday.

“Santa’s 12 Tips for an Ideal Christmas” can help serve as that reminder.  Go to to check out these Christmas cards with tips from Santa to help make the holiday season more enjoyable.  Cards such as, “Breathe” features Santa seated in a lotus position on a yoga matt, and “Color Your Christmas” with Santa draped in colorful Christmas lights, are designed to inspire your holiday season.  Interior reads, “Hope Your Holiday is Ideal”.


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