Meet Yourself Through Journaling

2 Sep

I am excited and nervous. I’ve recently sent out my Be Brave, Lose the Beige manuscript to a few publishers. This is the journal I have written and illustrated. Anyone interested in seeing a PDF version of Be Brave, Lose the Beige, just let me know in the comment section below. I realize the very mention of “journaling” elicits the following reactions- eye rolling, sighing, mutterings of “I wouldn’t know what to write” or “what a waste of my time!”  If you can overcome these biases, here are a few suggestions: 

Write in longhand, stream of consciousness; try upside down, sideways, off the margins writing. See how liberating it can feel.

Do not re-read the pages or allow others to read them. This is sacred space, a private place on which to complain or rejoice.

Some journals pose questions for you to answer. Try posing questions of your own. Listen for the reply, it invariably comes.

In the process of writing, we discover our own identity, not just that of Mom, daughter or employee. In order to achieve a happy and fulfilling life, you have to know what you want and who you are. Meet yourself in your journal pages. Allow Be Brave, Lose the Beige to help.


One Response to “Meet Yourself Through Journaling”

  1. The Sidebar Review September 19, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Hi, Liz! It was great to meet you last night! I love your blog!

    I completely agree with you about journaling. It is a liberating exercise and allows you to get your thoughts down on paper without fear of judgment.

    By “don’t re-read your entries,” do you mean don’t edit them or don’t go back and see what you wrote 2 days/weeks/years ago? I don’t think people should edit their entries, but I do think they should read them occasionally.

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