Pink Collar Girl

13 Aug

I spent time this summer with a young woman with whom I have developed a very close relationship (I’m hoping she will be my future daughter-in-law). Katie is exceptionally intelligent. She has two masters degrees in psychology and has just finished her Ph.D. course work. Her life (and my son’s) is a bit in flux right now as they work to finish their doctoral programs.

Katie got bit by the puppy bug this summer. She fell in love with a labradoodle puppy the breeder had named “Pink Collar Girl”. There were more reasons not to buy this puppy than there were in favor of buying her. Labradoodle puppies are not cheap; she already has a six year old labradoodle, so sibling rivalry could be an issue; she and my son were soon to return to a studio apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. So, yes, there were so many reasons not to get the puppy, and family and friends around her did not hesitate to offer discouraging advice on the subject. As I noticed her slightly saddened face one afternoon as she succumbed to the logical arguments against the potential adoption, I offered the following observation… there are people in this world who say no to things. And, it’s often hard to argue with their logic, as generally, their reasoning is correct. Then there are those who tend to say yes to things, often allowing their hearts to guide their decision making. “No” people can be a little intimidating to “Yes” people as they are often quite righteous about their opinions.

Katie ultimately decided against purchasing the puppy. And perhaps that was the wise decision. My husband and I bought a sister litter mate of Pink Collar Girl. We have spent the past few weeks engaged in non-stop puppy pooping talk. We are more than a little sleep deprived, but it is so worth it. We are hopelessly in love with our Jozy.

Be Brave, Lose the Beige (the name of this blog) is about saying yes when the world around us says no. I choose to be a yes person. I hope you will join me.

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