Saga of the Cupcake vs. Macaroon No-Contest Contest

14 Apr

This post continues the saga of the cupcake vs. macaroon no-contest contest. As noted in a previous post, NPR (my favorite news source) featured an article called “Move over Cupcake: Make room for the Macaroon”. The article sites a post by Amanda McClements on her Metrocurean Food Blog saying the macaroon is in a trend war to become the next cupcake.

Be Brave, Lose the Beige has embarked upon a crusade to refute this contention. This series of posts will demonstrate differences between the clearly superior cupcake and the macaroon. As you will recall, the previous post focused upon the macaroon’s lack of substance compared to the complexity of the cupcake.

Difference number two: The cupcake is a venue for fun!. Can this be said of the lowly macaroon? I think the macaroon speaks for itself. Have you ever seen one transformed into a vegetable garden or even a pumpkin patch? I think not. But yes, I have seen cupcakes created in such configurations. Stay tuned for part 3 of the continuing saga of the Cupcake vs. Macaroon No-Contest Contest. (See image below of clay cupcake version of the Mad Hatter)

P.S. Please cast your vote in this contest in the comment section. Thanks!

One Response to “Saga of the Cupcake vs. Macaroon No-Contest Contest”

  1. mrmykie August 15, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    Whilst I adore making,baking,devouring cupcakes they have become a little ubiquitous. They have be come the the baked analogy of a peri-menopausal lady trying to recapture her youth and live a “New York” life style; The indulgences of the twenty-something bourgeoisie eager to be kitsch, country, cutie and open a little cake shop down the bottom of the garden/etsy store are driving cupcakes every onward.
    I’m not being derogatory, I fit squarely into the later category. I think there is definitely a space for something a little more sophisticated, a touch of understated decadence, the whispered elegance that signifies the macaroon.
    The inability to turn a macaroon into a vegetable garden or pumpkin patch is in my opinion, a virtue. For too long would-be-bakers have been able to patch up tragic sponge disasters with a flourish of butter cream, a few sprinkles and a novelty sugar topper. The macaroon does not stand for this “all fur coat no knickers” attitude; she is “Agent Provocateur under mackintosh”.

    I’m off to bake a batch of cupcakes.

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