The Cupcake vs. Macaroon No-Contest Contest

11 Apr

Listening to my beloved All things Considered I heard a story that made me pull off the road to listen (as is often the case with NPR stories). The title of the story was “Move over Cupcake: Make room for the Macaroon”. The article sites a post by Amanda McClements on her Metrocurean Food Blog saying the macaroon is in a trend war to become the next cupcake. “It was the jell-o mold in the ‘70s, frozen yogurt in the ‘80s, and “cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes” in the previous decade. Foodies predict the macaroon is this decade’s defining treat”.

Now really?! Macaroon versus cupcake? No contest. The macaroon should be relegated to the status of the jell-o mold and frozen yogurt. Who cares about either of those “desserts”, if you can even refer to them as dessert. This post represents my first salvo in the cupcake vs. macaroon skirmishes.  In this series, I will attempt to define (objectively of course) the obvious differences between the cupcake and the macaroon:

Difference Number one- The macaroon has no substance. It’s like biting into air. Because, let’s say it together, it has NO flour. The cupcake, on the other hand, is full of substance and flour. A review of the ingredients in the two items illustrates my point:

Macaroon: egg whites, sugar, coconut.  Cupcake: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs (whole egg), butter or shortening, milk, vanilla or chocolate, water.

The cupcake is obviously a more complex creation than the macaroon, thus more interesting and substantial. Stay tuned for part two of the cupcake vs. the macaroon contest….



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