The Purloined Pig-Skin

8 Mar

The following is the first installment in a three-part mini series entitled, “The Purloined Pig-Skin”.

Who Likes football? Well I could care less about football, but I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a story ostensibly about football, but it’s really a story about mother love.

As a preface, I rarely follow football. I don’t know quarterback or coach names, understand their rules, like why you have 4 downs to make a first down – the language redundancy baffles me. I do, however, titularly follow college football, namely Northwestern University’s team since it’s my son’s alma mater and he loves this big ten team so much. I actually attended two games this year, one against the University of Wisconsin Badgers, at which I kept trying to photograph Bucky the Badger/mascot for my friend Bob Leventhal. The second was a playoff game against the Auburn Tigers in Tampa at the Outback Bowl.

My son, his girlfriend, his Dad (who happens to be my former husband) and another Northwestern alum, gamely arose at 7 am New Years day, for the hour and a half drive through pouring rain to attend the 11:00 bowl game. We joined a sea of purple paraphernalia when we took our seats in the end zone.

It rained… and rained… Northwestern did not fare well. We were down by two touchdowns at half time. During half time, as we dried out I suggested leaving after the third quarter if the weather conditions and playing did not improve. Even my die hard, loyal son agreed. Well, the game and the weather improved significantly in the second half. Ponchos and parkas were discarded. This story of our football follies will be continued…


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