New Baby Boomer Mantra

25 Feb

My sister-in-law visited this past weekend. Suzanne turned 61 last year. She has been a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. When her fiancé was about to be drafted she married him, since married men were exempt from the draft. When that exemption no longer applied, she became pregnant. Dad’s were exempt from the draft. She taught AP and honors high school students while mothering two children and pursuing a master’s degree. She is finally retired and traipsing throughout America in their RV. She made me laugh when she told me she thought the new baby boomer mantra should be, “I don’t give a rat’s ass!” Suzanne and so many others of us boomers have spent years being responsible. We now find ourselves tending to aging parents and children who never seem to grow up. We’ve spent a lot of time caring what others think about our actions. Are we good parents? Should I put my Dad in a nursing home? How do I look? Am I overweight?

I think an occasional “I don’t give a rat’s ass” is good for the soul.


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