Resilience Training vs. Antidepressant Meds

18 Jan

I work with at-risk middle school aged students in an arts education program. I was really interested in an article broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition today entitled, “Emotional Training Helps Kids Fight Depression”. The article cites studies conducted by Jane Gilham of the Penn Resiliency Program at the University of Pennsylvania, demonstrating that negative thinking (calling yourself stupid) can lead to depression. The program has developed a curriculum aimed at teaching middle school aged students strategies to challenge such thought patterns. Such training, which was implemented at a school in West Harlem, Gilham argues, can be as powerful as taking antidepressant medicines


One Response to “Resilience Training vs. Antidepressant Meds”

  1. Marian Johnson January 21, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    You are awesome.

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