Creativity- Am I Missing Something?

11 Jan

There was an interesting segment on  CBS Sunday Morning  called The “Wellspring of American Creativity”. The following is an excerpt.

“Creativity is the ability to give the world something it didn’t know it was missing,” said Daniel Pink. “Create something fundamentally new, like the iPod. You have tens of millions of people now who carry around an iPod. Eight years ago I don’t think they knew they were missing an iPod.”. The show goes on to say,

Even without your iPod, author Daniel Pink’s views may be music to your ears. A former speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore, Pink now writes about creativity, and believes we all have at least some potential. “You have it ’cause you’re a human being,” Pink said. “Now when I say everybody’s creative, doesn’t meant that everybody is a budding Picasso or a budding Edison or a budding Toni Morrison. But the human species is defined by its ability to create.”

I’m facinated by how people define creativity.  What is your definition?


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