Meet Yourself in Your Journal Pages

27 Oct

In a previous post, I talked about journal writing.  The very mention of “journaling” can often elicit the following reactions – eye rolling, sighing, mutterings of “I wouldn’t know what to write” or “what a silly waste of time!”  If you can overcome these biases, here are a few suggestions:

-Write in longhand, stream of consciousness, try upside down, sideways, off the margins writing.  See how liberating it can feel. 

– Do not re-read the pages or allow others to read them.  This is sacred space, a private place on which to complain or rejoice. 

-Some journals pose questions for you to answer.  Try posing questions of your own.  Listen for the reply, it invariably comes. 

In the process of writing, we discover our own identity, not just that of Mom, daughter or employee.    In order to achieve a happy and fulfilling life, you have to know what you want and who you are.  Meet yourself in your journal pages.Journal prompt

One Response to “Meet Yourself in Your Journal Pages”

  1. Franke James November 11, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Lovely! I’ve written in journals for years. I have shelves of them — each one a glimpse into what I was thinking, doing and focused on at that time. “Journalling” helps me to get perspective — a bird’s eye view — on what’s going on today. It also helps me define what my goals are in the future — and map out a plan to achieve them.

    Nice to share these thoughts with you Liz. Thanks for visiting my site.


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