Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!

15 Oct

 It’s “Blog Action Day” today with bloggers all over the world focusing their fingers on climate change. While this is a very serious issue – conservation is critically important – the delivery of the message can be infused with a little humor and fun. Sometimes “cause” people take themselves, rather than the issue, a little too seriously.

Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it! is the title of a clay sculpture I created featuring an SUV converted into a flower planter. The vehicle is flanked by a tricycle riding turtle and a dolphin astride a motor scooter. A collage of flower power stickers, bicycles and a grinning shark from a “Save our Sea Life” poster adorn the backdrop of this piece.

 While cars do come in handy, does anyone, short of the military, really need a Hummer?! Try bike riding for a change. Biking is the ultimate multi-task enabler. (1) it provides a mode of transportation enabling you get to your desired destination, (2) you get exercise, (3) you are outside, (4) you help protect our planet from noxious carbon emissions, and (5) IT’S FUN!

So, park that car and ride your bike. Driving is boring and fraught with hassles. Put saddle bags on for shopping – only buy as much as your bags will hold (a surprising amount by the way). My husband and I have managed to fit as much as $150 worth of groceries in our saddle bags at a time. People have laughed and waved as we careen around the corner with a 12 pack of Miller light in tow.Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!



 Rather than turning your bike into a planter, turn your car into one!


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