Political Flashes

29 Sep

I started having hot flashes when I was 47. They are relentless. It is so disconcerting when, in the middle of a business meeting, that prickly feeling on the back of my neck commences. Beads of sweat gather on my forehead and upper lip. I know my face must be flushed and shiny. I’ve tried a variety of homeopathic and pharmaceutical remedies, all, basically, to no avail.  

I can still remember when they began. It was right after George W. Bush was elected in the fall of 2000. I begged people to vote for John Kerry in 2004, if for no other reason but to give me relief from these flashes. But no, GW remained and so did my hot flashes.
I’ve noticed a little relief since President Obama was elected last fall. At least they are becoming less frequent. I’ve visited a “cool” website called Basil and Spice. They have interesting information and interviews about health issues facing women, including this book review – http://www.basilandspice.com/journal/book-review-the-cleveland-clinic-guide-to-menopause-by-holly.html
 Let me know about your maturing body experiences.. 


















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