Bike Your Way through your Weekend

28 Aug

 It’s Friday, the eve before the weekend. The sweet anticipation offered by Friday sometimes has that Christmas Eve feel to me. It’s a culmination of days of work, stress, chores and obligations. Weekends are kind of like taking your retirement a little bit at a time. So, what is something you can do this weekend that might be a little different and fun. How about forgetting the car for the weekend. You’ve driven to work all week. It’s boring and fraught with hassles. Why not ride your bike wherever you need to go. Put saddlebags on your bike and only buy as many groceries as will fit into your bag..biking makes everyday chores more fun. Take a ride on a bike trail. You get the triple benefit of exercise, being outdoors, and actually getting to a destination. Ride to a nearby park and have a picnic.

Bike riding is one of my favorite activities. I feel youthful and free like I did when I was a kid and my one means of individual transportation was my bicycle.
Write and let me know where you go….Park it; Plant it; Pedal it; Preserve it!





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