I’m an official Baby-Boomerian at Boomer Cafe!

18 Aug

 I’m really excited. I just found out Boomer Café, an online magazine designed for Baby Boomers, has published an article I wrote entitled, “Life after Boomerang Kids”. I hope you will read the article.

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One Response to “I’m an official Baby-Boomerian at Boomer Cafe!”

  1. lizkitchens August 19, 2009 at 4:20 pm #

    I have received the best calls and comments since posting news about my Boomerang Kids article being published online at Boomer Café. One dear friend called me saying, “but Liz, I thought from the way you talked, your kids were perfect”. (The article, which you can click on above, is about kids leaving the nest only to boomerang back when hard times happen) I said, “My kids are perfect” they just don’t always do perfect things.” She is having difficulty with her adult children and expressed relief that other parents have endured similar problems.

    Please send me your stories.

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