Journaling Your Way to Your Ideal Life

12 Aug

 I believe we all need to choose to live more playfully.  Trying a new recipe can be creative; cultivating a patch of backyard dirt into a lovely garden;

little-mismatched-socks-smallwearing colorful socks; taking guitar lessons or a water color class.  These are all endeavors that can nurture a creative spirit – an essential aspect of our natures.   

One way to help discover what living ideally means is to put pen to paper.  Get a spiral notebook and spend 20 minutes, three times a week writing.  Do it when you are waiting in the carpool line or during your lunch hour.  Sit in the car during your daughter’s ballet practice.  Just write down whatever random thoughts come to mind.  There is no right or wrong way of journal writing.  Do it at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon.  It’s all good. You will be surprised at how insightful these thoughts can be.  I’ve been a journal writer for ten years, ten years that have gradually transformed my life from being a professional in a very linear, left brain, field to being a full time artist and arts minister.  I’m convinced journaling has brought me to this place in my 55th (oops, just turned 56) year.   

Go ahead, Be Brave.  Lose the Beige in your life!  Let your journal be your guide.

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