Beauty and the Beach

7 Aug

 We have a beach place in a little town on the East Coast of Florida. Every time we visit, I’m struck by the unbiased nature of the beach. The beach offers a place of acceptance and equality regardless of size, age, income level, color, or species.Beauty and the Beach

Imagine you are driving across the bridge to the beach. Feel and smell the humid, salty air as you allow the ocean breeze to penetrate the schedules, to-do lists, and deadlines that live inside your overworked brain.

During your time in the sun, envision yourself…

*reading a novel (non-fiction not allowed)

*frolicking in the water, delighting as you dive into the foamy washing machine waves, like you did when you were a kid

*scouting for seashells and sand dollars

*walking along the water’s edge at low tide

Now, since it’s Friday, why don’t you go from imagining this scene to acting on it this weekend.

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